The Light to my Darkness by Ivy Smoak

This was a fantastic read with a twisted cliffhanger. Let’s get into it!

Penny and James are married. This book takes you along their married life, their trails, and blissful moments. They are head over heels, crazy for one another. They often interacted as if it was their first encounter, and I loved it. They also had a three-year-old daughter with one on the way.

Penny brings the us along her pregnancy journey and describes the health problems she’s facing. We discover so much about their lives and their love for one another. They also have amazing friends.

James also shares his feelings and thoughts during his POV. They have a wonderful life together, but there’s something wrong. Will they figure it out before its’ too late?

I loved their love and their relationship with their friends.

I must say that I didn’t read how they met. This is the first book I’ve read about their lives, so I was a little confused when specific people or events were mentioned, but overall, I wasn’t lost. It was easy to follow. And I can’t wait to read more in the series.


The Third Best Thing by Maya Hughes

This romance was heartfelt, well written, and a page-turner. Let’s get into it!

I enjoyed the friendship between Berk and Jules that continued to evolve into something more.

He had no idea who was writing those naughty letters and he was determined to find out. Jules was up for the adventure to help him find this mystery woman. Little did he know, she was that woman.

She was full of surprises. I enjoyed her character as she battled with self-love and acceptance, giving her a challenge that many people deal with.

Berk was by her side although he was a flirt the entire time. He found himself falling for Jules, which worked out for her. Or did it… How would he react when he found out the truth?

You have to read it to find out in the amazing romance.

Although I enjoyed the story overall, I continued to wonder if Jules and her mom would ever make amends?

In the end, I hope you enjoy the characters as much as I did. I would love to hear your thoughts.