I am currently open to reviews.

I offer free book reviews, but your book must be a romance.

I will post your review on Amazon and Goodreads. If you have another site in mind, please let me know.

When you are submitting a request, please send the blurb, book cover, if it is a series, and Amazon link.

Once the review is live, I will email you the link.

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This book is a masterpiece and should be bought right away. You will not regret it!


This is an excellent book and should go on the top of your buying list. I recommend it!


This is a good book, but not as good in comparison to others.


I’m not a fan.


Most likely I didn’t finish. I don’t recommend it.

Very rarely do I give one or two-star reviews. If I do, I will submit the review to you, and you can decide if you want it posted.

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