Tonight You’re Mine by Kayley Loring

The characters are likable. The heroine has oozing sex appeal and the story is an enjoyable read. Let’s get into it!

Chase Mckay is a sexy business owner with a big heart. He met Aimee Gilpin and he immediately falls for her. He’s even willing to make a lifestyle change for her. But his best friend and CFO of the business overlooks Chase’s interest and pursues Aimee instead, pushing Chase into the background. His best friend wants Aimee in the worst way but Aimee doesn’t feel the same.

When the opportunity arise, Chase and Aimee steal a night together. But it was more than they bargain for because intense feelings were involved.

Chase realized what he felt was real, and had to confront his friend about Aimee. Imagine his surprise when he learns that Aimee is going to be an employee for his company.

What will he do now? Will he confront his best friend after all? You have to read it to find out.

I love this book. It had lovable characters, witty and loads of fun.

I highly recommend it.


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