The Opposite of Falling Apart by Micah Good

I went back and forth with the rating of this book because the first twenty percent discussed their ailments, and I found myself losing interest. However, I kept reading, and I’m glad I did because the beginning allowed me to walk in their shoes. It helped the reader to empathize with their situation. The more I read the more I understood the characters and I fell in love with the storyline. The Opposite of Falling Apart also had wonderful wonderful passages and quotes.

“I’m not trying to fix you,” she said again, clearing her throat to get past the lump that was choking her. “Because there’s nothing to fix,’ she finally said. You’re not broken, Jonas. You’re fine. You’ve always been fine. More than fine. I was just–I guess I was just trying to help you see that.” 

“You shouldn’t expect that people will leave just because of your anxiety. Yeah, it makes things different. And yeah, it makes things harder. But if people leave you just because you have this thing that you have this thing that you have to deal with, then that’s their fault, okay?” 

The characters stayed true to who they were throughout the story. Their ailments overtook them at times, which caused them to make horrible decisions, but I understood they were not entirely at fault. 

Brennan was a complicated character. She was dealing with social anxiety. And while I can understand, I wanted to scream at her when she remained frozen and afraid. I feel she should have been taking her medication regularly and maybe things would have progressed smoothly. She was stubborn. However, I rooted for her. I wanted her to win. She also had moments where she was strong–especially when it came to helping Jonas. That’s what I loved about her. 

Jonas lost his leg in a car accident and as you can imagine, he wasn’t the same since. He disconnected from everyone. He was opposed to wearing prosthesis and afraid and afraid of driving. I couldn’t blame him for that since that’s how he lost a limb. But he pressed on aimlessly–seemingly without purpose until he met Brennan. 

All he wanted to do was everything–everything it took to make things better for her. 

When their worlds collide, meaning and happiness shift in their world the way they never thought it could. 

I adore this book. It was so sweet in so many ways. 

Brennan made him want to forget about the leg and just focus on her. 

It was touching and had my tears flowing in some places. 

“…Brennan you make me think of alternate endings” 

So although I wasn’t fond at first with the long explanation in the beginning. I grew fond of these characters, their lives, and their experiences. 

The book had an amazing message of hope and strength. I recommend reading it so you can get the message and so much more. 


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