Taking Root by Katherine McIntyre

Danny Reynolds was always on the run. She was uprooted from place to place because her dad was a psychopath killer. The body count continued to rise as long as he was on the loose. So Danny had to hide even changing her name and identity to Sam Peterson. Her mom was under protective custody with a handler as well. Unfortunately, they were in different locations, so Danny had tol face the nightmare alone. 

She was planted in Charleston near her childhood home. But like so many other locations, she knew it would be temporary. It was for her safety. Especially since, she and her mom were also targets that her dad was aiming for. 

Danny worked for a family as a gardner–something she enjoyed. One evening after work, she went to a local bar. That’s where her past and present collide. Her world stopped when she ran into Adrian Dukas. He was the love she always wanted, but it never happened because she had to disappear and change her life thanks to her dad. Initially, she tried to play it cool. She didn’t want to be recognized by Adrian or anyone else but the look in his eyes said it all. He knew. Would he keep her secret? 

Since Sam/Danny was back in Adrian’s life, he was determined to keep her there. The chemistry from the past only grew between them. But as danger loomed closer, Danny worried. Would she be able to stay out of harm’s way? With Adrian’s prying family, would he be able to keep Danny’s secret? You’ll have to read it to find out. 

This book had me on the edge of my seat. McIntyre did an excellent job of developing that factor to the story. The more I turned the pages, the more gasps escaped me. What would the outcome be? 

The only qualm I had with this book is the narration is a bit too long in some places, causing me to forget the previous statement a character may have made. Other than that, it’s a great read. 

Danny’s a strong female character. She was always ready for whatever life threw at her. She had to be. Adrian was a hopeless romantic–my favorite characteristic in a male character. It was a perfect combination between the two. 

Their interactions and chemistry were explosive. If you love intense romances, crack open the pages of Taking Root. 


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