The Boyfriend Contract by Victoria James

The writing in this story was gripping and the plot was awesome! I hope you have a box of tissues ready for this beauty. It was an emotional roller coaster ride, and I was there for every moment of it. Let’s get into the details!

Emily Birmingham came from a rich family. She had a big heart, but was often ridiculed by her brother. Unfortunately, after her parents died, her brother inherited the family business– a hotel empire, and she inherited her grandmother’s house in the small town of Maple Hill. So, she moved there with the thought of getting revenge on her brother and starting her own country inn.

On her way to her new home, she stops for coffee. That’s where she meets the handsome Cooper Merrick and her world changes. She’s not only attracted to his exterior. There is something deeper behind that physique.

Her story continues when she arrives at her late grandmother’s house. Although, she wanted to make it into an inn, there was one problem. She had to get the town’s approval. Unfortunately, they didn’t like change.

Emily was determined. She was not going to be persuaded like she was in the past by her bully brother. She had a winning spirit and a few people on her side. With all of this in the midst, love was the last thing on her mind. At least she thinks it is…

Enter Cooper. Coincidentally, he was one of her contractors to help turn her house into an inn. Although he was a man with a hidden past. He didn’t want Emily’s decisions to be influenced by the things he experienced. He was a widow. Emily wasn’t supposed to find out right away. As he began to learn about her, his attraction only grew. But when he asked her out on a date, she suggested a contract they were supposed to follow. There were various rules that they weren’t allowed to break or discussions that were off-limits. He knew there was a deeper intent behind her requests. However, there were rules that he implemented as well. What harm could it be to write a contract? Right?

This story pulls your heartstrings. Emily was a character with a big heart. She had goals in mind. In the end, she wanted to make a difference. I like that she maintained a strong persona in the face of adversity. She was from a rich family but she didn’t display a spoiled personality. I also enjoyed the friendship that developed between her and Cooper’s sister and his family.

I won’t say much about Cooper except he was a sweet guy with barriers around his heart. Will Emily be able to knock them down?

You have to read it to find out.

Overall, I can’t say enough about this book. It makes you think about life and the things that matter. I would definitely recommend it. If you love small-town romances or just a romance in general. Grab a copy of this book and don’t forget your box of tissues!


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